Accounting/Book Keeping Services

The functioning of Accounting is very essential to measure the performance of business and Presentation of Financial Health of the Concern. Many stakeholders are interested in reading the financials of an entity ie Banks and Financial Institutions , Government and Tax Authorities , Creditors and Investors etc We handle the following functions under accounting :


 A. Generating in Tally accounting package with inputs from the management –

  1. Bank Payments
  2. Cash Payments
  3. Journal Entries – Credit card and Directors Expenses
  4. Sale Invoices
  5. Purchase Bills
  6. Fixed Assets Register

B. Salary Structuring and Payroll Processing on the basis of attendance provided.

C. Preparing Monthly / Quarterly and Annual Financials and Party Analysis and Reconciliation Statement.

D. Liasoning with Audit office providing required support for Audit.

E. Other MIS reports as required by Management.